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Product details

FTTX Drop Products Series


Multi-way signal transmission among instruments or communication equipment.


Bow-type drop cable

Small outer diameter, light weight and low construction cost;

Cold connection technology is adopted for rapid continuity;

The optical cable has high anti-crush resistance and anti-tensile strength, and the self-supporting structure thereof can meet the requirement for span setup below 50m.

Specifically, glass reinforced fiber rod (G-FRP),aramid fiber reinforced rod (K-FRP) or thin steel wire is adopted as the strength,and the optical cable with good softness and good bending property can meet the bending radius requirement;

LSZH or PVC flame-resistant material is adopted to make the optical cable meet the performanse requirements for indoor flame retardant and environment protection;

The insensitive optical fiber which meets the bend loss required by ITU-TG.657A&G.657B standard is adopted, and the minimum bending radius reaches 15mm or even below;

High-carbon steel wire or steel strand is adopted as the suspension wire of the self-supporting rubber-covered optical cable in order to have excellent tensile property;

Round drop cable

Small outer diameter, good flexibility and high strength;

This meets the requirements for outdoor and indoor use;

Round drop cable can be terminated in the field to meet the requirement for rapid access network construction.

Waterproof Drop Cable

Excellent transverse water resistance;

Good mechanical property, environment protection property and flame retardant;

Each unit cable includes independent strength;

Each unit cable can be directly terminated through the standard connectors.

Flat Drop Cable

Good anti-rat and anti-ants proof function;

Small outer diameter and lightweight;

The flat structure is adopted to have more excellent anti-crush resistance; This optical cable can be used together with outdoor junction box;

This optical cable can be existing pipeline resources;

Applicable temperature: -20°C~+60°C;

Environmental protection grade: Comply with EU ROHS standard;

Flame retardant grade: Comply with IEC 60332-1 and IEC60332-3C.

Transmission Performance

Optical Fiber Type





Maximum Attenuation Value (dB/km)





Typical Attenuation Value (dB/km)





Minimum LED Bandwidth Value (MHz.km)




Note: other optical fibers can be provided according to user requirements.

Products Overview:

Structurally for GYDFBY04 [flat rat and anti-proof drop cable with optical fiber ribbon, nonmetal strength, PE inner sheath and PA outer protective layer] optical cable, one layer of waterproof components are covered around the optical fiber ribbon, and two parallel FRPs at the two sides are adopted as the strength and one layer of PE inner sheath is extruded thereon to form the cable core, and one layer of PA sheath is extruded outside the cable core to form a complete cable; Structurally for GYXTBY [simplex flat drop cable with loose tube, nonmetal strength and PE sheath] optical cable, a single optical fiber is sleeved into the high-modulus loose tube filled with waterproof components, the glass fiber yarn are uniformly placed outside the loose tube, and two FRPs as the strength are placed in parallel at the two sides, and then one layer of PE sheath is extruded thereon to form a complete cable.

Executive Standard:

YDT1258.5-2005 the Series of Indoor Optical Fiber Cables --Optical Fiber Ribbon Cables

Technical parameters (typical value)

ModelCore NumberOptical Cable Specification(mm)Tensile StrengthCrush-Resistance(N/100mm)Minimum Bending Radius(mm)


1. "D" represents the outer diameter of the short shaft.

2. The typical value can be correspondingly adjusted according to actual conditions.

3. The corresponding products can be designed according to client's special requirements.