Hangzhou Fibersway Communication Technology Co.,Ltd. established in 2016, is a wholly-owned subsidiary of Zhejiang CTG Communication Technology Co., LTD., together with CTG (Jiangsu) Electronics Co., LTD. and Hangzhou Linan Xitianqi Import & Export Co., Ltd. The parent company was officially listed on the Australian National Stock Exchange in December 2017. Our own brand: CTG, Fibersway are selling well in the Domestic and Foreign markets. Fibersway's main products : Outdoor optical fiber cables, Indoor fiber optical cables,Special fiber optical cables, fiber optical patch cords and fiber accessories. We already owned 4 patented products,and another 4 patents are under applying. Fibersway's annual production capacity is 1,000,000KM of fiber optical cables, 2,000,000 pcs of fiber optical patch cords, providing product customization service and FTTH solutions in the whole line of communication technology field. Fibersway's 2 factories are both certified as National High-Tech Enterprise, having ISO 9001:2008 certificate and credit rating certifications. Our products are approved by Rohs ,UL ,CUL,ETL ,CPR , SGS . Fibersway is constantly pursuing Technology, Service and Management innovation,at the same time, we focus on company culture and branding improvement. Fibersway,not only a manufacturer. Fibersway, your network needs.

Established in
Production line
Factory area

High tech enterprise
Relying on 5S production management system, the production process is visualized, and the perfect management system
Site and equipment
The company has a production area of more than 30,000 M ², With more than 20 production lines, the product cutting adopts full-automatic
Professional team
Professional R & D capability, testing and experimental platform, and one-stop service for R & D, development and production

Hangzhou Fibersway Communication Technology Co.,Ltd is a leading product manufacturer and solution provider
in the field of information technology and optical communications.